August 19, 2018

Ringwood Motocross Club – Club History

The Ringwood Schoolboy Scramble Club was formed in the Autumn of 1967 by Mr David Poole from Hightown,Ringwood and along with others formed a committee, many of the founder members were related to each in the early days so became a real family affair and they became real pioneers of the sport. The club’s first ever schoolboy scramble was held at Woolsbridge Farm, Three Legged Cross in 1967. New venues soon included Blashford, St. Ives, Matchams and Mannington to name a few. The Ringwood Schoolboy Scramble Club was the third schoolboy scramble club to be formed especially for schoolboy scrambling along with the Reading and Horsham clubs, Corsham soon became involved soon after.

In 1969 they were the first schoolboy club to hold a Schoolboy National which took place at Matchams Park and they called this the Southern National. In November 1970 The Ringwood Schoolboy Scramble Club along with Corsham, Horsham and Reading formed the British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association. And was infact the first schoolboy club to hold an inter-club event, against Corsham and Horsham. During this time the Ringwood club grew into one of the largest of its kind in the united kingdon. Graham Noyce, David Thorpe and Jeremy Whatley all had become a product of the new schoolboy movement.

By the end of the 1970’s other new clubs had sprung up some locally, this along with the early 1980’s recession had hit the sport hard and the club also lost their home track at Somerley (Hamer Warren). Although the Ringwood club did win the BSMA team event in 1984 and successfully held it a year later at Matchams come Summer 1986 the then committee wanted to shut the club down. Brian Parker along with a small but enthusiastic new committee saved the club which ran until 1995 still under the BSMA banner.

In October 2004 Keith Newman, Wayne Parker and Peter Coates re-affiliated the Ringwood club to the BSMA. Now the Ringwood Youth and Adult MX Club were back and this time catered for adults aswell. The first meeting was staged at Matchams Park in March 2005 and by 2009/10 although now missing both Newman and Coates the Ringwood club was now once again the largest in the BSMA. Semi-Finals were staged by the club along with a couple of Best of British Nationals. Were always well placed in the BSMA Team events and actually again became BSMA Champions in October 2010.

2011 never started well and after only three meetings the club announced that was it!! Wayne Parker realised that a Ringwood club could survive and once again become one of the biggest and best. January 2012 and The Ringwood Motocross Club was affiliated with the forward thinking MC Federation…………And here we are folks!!! 🙂

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